“I have been using my chopping board in Le Gavroche for both lunch and dinner preparation for over 12months, and can confidently say it is a superb kitchen accessory, looks great and is very durable”


  • Manufactured in Bamboo
  • Carbon Neutral
  • Naturally Antibacterial
  • Fully Sustainable
  • Highly Durable
  • Beautiful Design

Your Michel Roux Jnr bamboo chopping board will be one of your most used and beloved kitchen tools. While a good chef's knife is often the sexier choice as the favourite kitchen implement, the truth is a good knife is nothing without a good board to use it on. 

People appreciate bamboo because it's a great choice for maintaining a knife edge and also like the way it looks. Plastic boards can be quite ugly, especially over time as they stain and get roughed up. Eventually plastic boards need to be tossed in the rubbish bin, whereas bamboo chopping boards, if treated well, can last for over 10 years. They only get more beautiful with time, especially if well cared for. Why not serve food on your chopping board for a homey, rustic look.

Your bamboo chopping board should be kept clean and daily maintenance is often a good scrub with hot soapy water after using. Do not soak your boards in water or they'll crack and warp!

Oil Your Board

Depending on how often you use your board, we advise that you give them an oiling to help maintain their surface and keep them from drying out. Some people do this once a month, some once or twice a year and others on a weekly basis.

The oil you use for your chopping board should be food grade and not prone to rancidity. Mineral oil is an inexpensive and popular choice, and you can easily find bottles in most kitchen supply stores. Some people like to use a homemade mixture of beeswax and mineral oil. There are also brand-name cutting board creams and oils available in kitchen supply stores.

Before you start, be sure your board is very clean making sure the board is dry before oiling. The oil should be left to soak in as long as possible too. Try to apply the oil in the evening before bed and then just give them a quick wipe the next morning to take off any excess oil.

Happy Chopping! 

Product Specification

  • 400 x 300mm
  • 20mm thick
  • Beveled edge

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Bamboo Chopping Board with Beveled Edge

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